Vernetta Mason, MSW


With a Master of Social Work degree from Norfolk State University, Vernetta has more than twenty years of experience in the human services field, and more than three years of clinical mental health experience in the treatment of anxiety, adjustment issues, teen, depression, PTSD and trauma. Vernetta’s specialty is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Trauma Informed Therapy. Vernetta currently provides telehealth services. “I am here to offer coping mechanisms, self-esteem improvement exercises, self-exploration activities, and solution-focused therapy to help you live your best life! You don’t have to go through your challenge(s) alone. I work from an open, compassionate, and holistic lens and hold the belief that we all have the resiliency within ourselves to find peace and fulfillment in life. I’m just here to help guide you along the way. ‘A peace of mind is priceless’".